You can go out with your dog or pig with just this one. A bag that brings you closer to your beloved family!

Families enjoying camping at GO OUT CAMP Inawashiro, held from October 29th (Friday) to October 31st (Sunday), 2021, were able to try out CWF bags.

Introducing bags for going out with your beloved family from CWF, a brand that proposes bags as gear suitable for outdoor activities and home use! !

A bag that is convenient not only for traveling, but also for outdoor activities such as going out to the sea or mountains, or moving around!


JIJI-chan (♀)

[ Comments from Mr. Kobayashi after using it ]

It's a good size and looks solid and durable. I think this is a simple, easy-to-use product that I highly recommend .

Light-kun ( )

[ Impressions from yasshy after using it ]

I felt that it was the perfect size for women to carry over their shoulders, and for men to carry across their body. I think it's a good size for small dogs to fit inside.

Shushumaru-chan (♀)

[Impressions from Shushumaru-chan's family after using it ]

It might fit in when it's small! (lol) If it doesn't get too violent, I'd like to use it for a short outing.

[ PET IN THE TOTE S ] is here


Charo-chan (♀)

[Impressions from Charo-chan 's family after using it ]

My child has weak joints in his feet, so he might slip on the bottom while walking and his joints might come off. There is a concern. It seems stable if you put a cushion or blanket in it. The good thing is that it's waterproof and sturdy! It's not your typical cute dog bag, but has a cool design that even men can carry.


[Impressions from Hoshi-sama after using it ]

I thought it would be nice to be able to easily carry it to places like dog cafes. I also thought it would be even better if it was washable!

[ PET IN THE BACKPACK S ] Click here

I briefly explained the size of the two types of bags, but what did you think?

PET IN THE BACKPACK S is suitable for dogs and cats up to around 7kg, and PET IN THE TOTE S is suitable for dogs and cats up to around 9kg. If you roll up the side cover, it has a mesh door for excellent ventilation. Recommended for going out to small cafes or outdoors.

Why not enjoy going out with your pet more easily with a CWF bag?