This campaign has ended. Thank you very much for your many applications.

Thank you for always using CWF items.

This time, we would like to bring you information on a popular gift campaign in collaboration with CWF and plywood, which handles stylish interiors, kitchens, and outdoor products .

To participate, please use the plywood official account ( @plywood_nihonbashiten ) and CWF official account ( @cwfgearbags ).
Follow W and like campaign posts! Just do the following.
The period is from September 17th (Friday) to October 17th (Sunday), and from among those who apply, 2 people will be randomly selected to receive a CWF ALL WATHER CONTAINER 60L.
Moreover, you can freely choose the color you want.
You can check the details of the prize below. Everyone please join us!

plywood IG post content is here↓↓↓

<Application period> September 17th (Friday) to October 17th (Sunday), 2021
<Prizes and number of winners> ALL WATHER CONTAINER 60L 2 people
<Winner Announcement> Winner announcements will be made via DM on Instagram. Please change your settings so that you can receive direct messages.
<Recruitment requirements and notes>
*By participating in this campaign, you will be deemed to have agreed to these recruitment guidelines (for minors, it will be assumed that you have received consent from your parent or guardian).
*If you are already following the official account, please like this post to complete your application.
*Each person can only apply once.
*If we confirm that the same applicant has applied using multiple accounts, only the application from one account will be considered valid, and all other applications will be invalid.
*At the time of the lottery, if we cannot confirm that you are continuing to follow the account and like this post, you may be excluded from the lottery. We recommend that you continue to follow and like for approximately one month.
*If your account is set to private, you will not be eligible for selection.
*There will be no re-drawing.
*Due to shipping issues, winners are limited to those living in Japan.
*Applications from corporate accounts will not be considered.
*We do not accept any questions or inquiries regarding confirmation of application reception, lottery method, winning/losing, accidents or damage during delivery, etc.
*Prizes are scheduled to be shipped after mid-October 2021. Due to unavoidable circumstances, the shipping time of prizes may change.
*Please note that prizes cannot be returned or exchanged, nor can they be re-delivered once they have been returned to us by the delivery company.
*We are not responsible for any damage caused by the prize after the prize has been shipped. Please note.
*Resale of prizes is prohibited.
*If the communication environment is poor and the DM is not delivered, if you are unable to complete the procedures described in the DM of the winning notification, if there is a flaw in the registration details, if the address/relocation address is unknown or the applicant is absent for a long time, etc. Therefore, if the prize cannot be delivered, or if the Company determines that there was fraudulent activity during the application, the eligibility to win will be invalidated.
*The posted image is an image.
*Internet connection fees and communication fees incurred when participating in this campaign, as well as various expenses incurred in carrying out the procedures described in the winning notification DM, will be borne by the applicant.
*This campaign may be canceled or changed without notice.